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B Corp Certifications Made Simple

B Corp Certifications Made Simple

B Corporation Consulting Services

To Redefine & Eliminate the guesswork in the B Corp certification process.

Join the global network of businesses acting as a force for good

Become a leader in your industry

Eliminate the guesswork from the B Corp certification process.

LifeElevated Consulting provides simple, step-by-step guidance that works for any business. The B Corp certification process becomes fast and easy, saving you money and time along the way.

Step-by-step guidance that works for any business

We provide B-corp consulting services that help you get your company certified as a dedicated entity in the world of competitive business. B-corp certification involves being verified in your environmental, social, transparency and legal efforts. No other documentation builds an aura of public trust than this one.

While B-corp certification yields limitless benefits for your business, getting certified is a notoriously tricky process. Committed to helping companies build their worldly reputation, we have amassed a team of experts in addressing every intricate detail of the process. We have the profound ability to get your B-corp certification through the simplest of mediums.

Don’t Waste Time and Money with Guesswork

Feel confident about your certification.

Your business was designed for more.

Save Time and Money with Guidance from
LifeElevated Consulting

Eliminate the Guesswork

No fumbling over questions

Save Money

Easily meet deadlines and stay organized

Simplify the Process

Step-by-Step guidance from start to finish


100% Satisfaction guaranteed


A decade of experience in the industry


Proven results you can trust

Your certification journey is important

We’re here to guide you

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LifeElevated Consulting will guide you step-by-step through the B Corp certification process

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There’s no need to stress about not having enough time to dedicate to your B Corp certification

LifeElevated Consulting will manage your entire certification so you can keep your mental bandwidth where it is needed most— running your business. Of course, you can always choose to complete your B Corp certification internally. LifeElevated Consulting can provide flexible guidance and support services, so you end up on target and in less time. Lastly, we understand the need to control budgets. Our services can be customized so you get the exact support your business needs to succeed– for the right price!

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