Exit plans? Protect Your Company’s Mission for the Long Haul

Your company’s mission is a critical component of your organizational performance. If you are reading this article, you already know that the mission statement is more than just a slogan on a wall.

The mission provides the proverbial North Star for your employees and your business. Successful leaders and entrepreneurs know that a buyout or acquisition can come at any time. Setting yourself up with a B Corp certification ensures that your commitment to social and environmental action stays in place even after your exit.

The B Corp certification allows you to imbed the legal framework into the organizational DNA so they can support their mission over longer periods. 

By amending the business’s governing documents, you create a stable platform from which a merger or acquisition can flow smoothly while protecting your legacy in the company. The last thing anyone wants to see is years of dedication, and hard work become a distant memory of the past after a buyout. Speaking of a buyout, one more notable point to pontificate is valuation. When it comes time for the valuation process, the B Corp certification may ADD dollars to the estimate. The B Corp stamp of approval amplifies your business voice and showcases positive press and public perspectives.

The B Corp certification adds you to a growing list of businesses that have grown and innovated through positive practices. Unifying brands, through action, acknowledges the power of credibility in a diverse and ever-changing marketplace. Investors understand the need to project and predict cash flow in a business—world-class investors realize that there are many more variables moving with a business than just cash flow. We’re talking about company culture, brand reputation, and even employees’ stress levels inside the workplace. These hidden elements can influence the offer that lands in your lap. Adding the B Corp certification to your business requires a rigorous look at all the unseen aspects of your business, including culture, workforce, and social policies. Adding a positive force to your arsenal with a B certification can provide the “right time, right place” push to boost your company’s value in the marketplace.

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