Ways to Improve your Score on the B Impact Assessment (BIA)

Aspiring B Corps must take the B Impact Assessment (BIA) and score higher than 80 out of 200 to become a Certified B Corp and once they are certified they must continue to take the BIA to remain certified. The process of taking the BIA to become and continue to be a Certified B Corp can seem daunting. However, there are some strategies and best practices to ensure you score the highest you can on the BIA

Formalize Policies

Many B Corps have sustainable and responsible policies that they have been using for years, but they are not official. These policies can vary. Some examples of policies may be based around employee benefits like paternity or maternity leave or they can be based on operations. Aspiring B Corps may have a policy that it only uses local suppliers or only purchases Fair Trade products. By formalizing these policies, a B Corp can quantify much of its practices making it easier to score higher on the BIA. Not only will this help with the BIA, but as an aspiring B Corp grows, having written policies can make these practices more visible to employees and be better ingrained into a B Corp’s culture.

Track Metrics

Measuring energy and waste levels are very important when trying to become a Certified B Corp. This shows the impact a company has on the environment. Although energy use and waste may not be a strongpoint for many companies it can provide an area for improvement. Goal setting and constant improvement are two things quite important to B Corps. The first step to reducing environmental impact is knowing current levels. Tracking metrics is the beginning to becoming more sustainable and scoring higher on the BIA.

Develop Programs for Underserved People

Arguably, the most important part of being a B Corp is focusing on all stakeholders instead of solely shareholders. Focusing on underserved people including employees, customers and the greater community helps improve a company’s BIA score as well as its culture and the community it operates in. B Corps have found ways to do this by changing its hiring practices, pricing strategies and philanthropic efforts. B Corps have some of the most diverse hiring practices. They also give back to communities including clean up efforts around the city and donations from profits to community centers, scholarships, and shelters just to name a few. These programs for underserved people improve communities, gain local support for a B Corp, and inspire employees.

There are many ways to improve your BIA to become a Certified B Corp. Each company is different, but these strategies can help put you on your way to getting a B Corp certification. Contact LifeElevated to find a strategy fit for you to help get your certification.

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